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Zoll CPR Uni-padzTM Universal (adult/paediatric) Electrodes

ZOLL CPR Uni-PadzTM Universal (adult/paediatric) Electrodes

The ZOLLCPR Uni-PadzTM Universal electrodes are a revolutionary invention - the pads are designed to be used on either adult or paediatric patients with just a click of a button. The time saving benefits from not having to swap over pads from adult to paediatriccould be the life saving factor in many situations.

The specially designed sensors in the pads determine when defibrillation is required and work in unison with the ZOLL AED 3 to deliver optimal treatment.

ZOLLCPR Uni-padz last for 5 years andare ready for rescue with simple pull tabs and a pair of scissors included for fast electrode placement.


  • Adult and paediatric use
  • 5 Year life span
  • Scissors included
  • Sensors automatically determine need for defibrillation or CPR