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Repair, Replacement & Refund Policy

This policy has been established to give you the comfort of knowing that, subject to the conditions set out below, if any product you purchase from Vet Equip is found to be defective, or it does not meet your needs, Vet Equip will happily repair or replace the product, or offer you a refund.

What is the Vet Equip Refund Policy?

If the product you purchased from us is defective or damaged in transit, contact us within 10 days and (provided we agree that the product is damaged or defective as outlined below) we will refund your original delivery charge or cover the costs of delivering any replacement product to you. We will not, however, refund delivery charges if the item is returned simply because it is unwanted. All claims must be made in writing prior to defective and damaged goods being returned to us, unauthorised returns will not be reimbursed delivery charges.

If you change your mind about a product you have purchased from us, you can return that product to us within 10 days of purchase and we will happily refund the original purchase price of that product less a restocking fee of 20%, provided the product and packaging are in its original condition and is re-saleable. Postal costs to and from are not refundable.

Faulty or Defective Products

If you receive a faulty or defective product from us or your item has been damaged in transit, contact us within 10 days of purchase and we will request further information about the defect and if we agree that the product is faulty and unlikely to have occurred through abnormal use, we will replace the product with an identical product. If we are unable to provide you with an identical product, we will refund the purchase price.

As part of any assessment, we look at the following:

  • If there is a minor fault:

    Where there is a minor fault and the product can be easily repaired, this will be carried out and the product returned to you within a reasonable timeframe. Vet Equip and/or the manufacturer can instead decide to replace the product or refund the purchase price.
  • If there is a major fault:

    If the assessment is that the product has experienced a major fault you may choose to receive a refund, replacement, or repair.

If the product has been damaged through abnormal use:

Unfortunately, neither Vet Equip nor the manufacturer can offer a refund or replacement where the product has sustained damage due to abnormal use as identified by Vet Equip, the manufacturer or their agent. If repair is possible, it would be at your discretion and cost.

Return a Product

Please fill out a contact form on the home page or email us directly at with: your name, contact details and invoice number, along with details of any issues you may have related to your order.