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White Embossed Perforated Paper Towel 50cm x 50m

White Embossed Perforated Paper Towel 50cm x 50m

These medical utility paper towel rolls are 2 ply bulky and absorbent crepe made from European virgin pulp and conveniently sized for many applications. Our prices are much lower than many of our competitors and will give significant savings.

These multipurpose medical paper rolls are perforated every 38cm and can be used as hand towels, underlay, tray liners, couch protectors and to mop up spills.


  • Absorbent
  • 2 ply bulky crepe 17.5g/m2, improving absorbency
  • Soft and Gentle avoid dry chaffed hands that can occur with frequent hand washing
  • Strong even when wet
  • Convenient Roll Sizes: Fit into common industry dispensers

Fits the Versa Towel Large holders. Very similar size. Versa towel rolls are 41.5mlong vs these rolls that are 50m long. 20% gain. Much softer than Versa Towel.