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Wedderburn Portable Height Rod WS-HRP

Wedderburn Portable Height Rod WS-HRP

The Wedderburn Portable Height Measure Rod is a free standing, toughened plastic stadiometer allowing a standing height measurement to be recorded anywhere. Developed in conjunction with paediatricians and endorsed by The Child Growth Foundation. This instrument combines good design, great portability and a light weight rigid protective carry case making it ideal for mobile use.
Its four upright measuring sections, graduated in both metric (1mm) and imperial (1/8 inch) markings, measuring head rest, base plate and stabilisers can be assembled and disassembled within seconds.
With a maximum measuring range of 210cm or 6ft 6 inch, ensures accurate measurement of pre-shool children through to adults.
Wedderburn has long been the professional’s choice for height measurement, due to our long trusted reliability and accuracy.

Measuring Range:14 - 210cm (6 - 82.5 inch)
Graduation:1mm (1/8 inch)
Carry Case Size: 670mm x 360mm x 120mm