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Waterjel Burn Wrap in Pouch 92 x 76cm

Water-Jel Burn Wrap in Pouch 92 x 76cm

Water-Jel products are effective, versatile and approved for emergency first aid burn treatment in a pre-hospital setting.

Water-Jel Fire Blankets offer one of the quickest, easiest and most direct methods of administering emergency first aid burn care. When placed on a victim, the Water-Jel gel-soaked blankets cool the skin, protect against airborne contamination, and help relieve pain all in one simple step, with no special training required. They can also be used to extinguish flames on a victim and smother small fires.
Water-Jel also contains a small amount of the natural extract Melaleuca Alternifolia, better known as Tea Tree. This has anti-bacterial activity to help prevent infection.

  • Provides controlled cooling by convection, not evaporation
  • Absorbs heat throughout the gel contact area
  • Conforms to the burn surface, providing total cooling contact
  • Does not affect core body temperature or contribute to hypothermia
  • Consistent with both wet and dry burn treatment protocols
  • Covers and protects against contamination

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