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Vitalograph Software

Vitalograph Software

Create PDF reports to print or save to your PC or EMR System

Vitalograph Reports is a stand-alone Windows application designed to create reports from many Vitalograph spirometers including theALPHA,2120,In2itiveandmicro. This software is also compatible with the Vitalograph range of respiratorymonitors and screeners

Vitalograph Reports provides the user with the option to add subject demographic data (if not sent from the device) and generate a PDF automatically, featuring a file name based on the time and time of the file was created or to manually enter a file name each time a PDF report is saved to a PC, tablet or EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system.

The user configures where the PDF reports are generated for archiving or attaching to the patient file in the EMR system.

  • Detection and connection to a Vitalograph device
  • The ability to receive spirometry or report data from the connected device
  • Creation of a PDF file from the received data
  • The ability to save to a folder on a local tablet/ PC or on the network
  • Configurable report location
  • Automatic or manual naming of the report file

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