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Vitalograph Calibration Syringes

Vitalograph Calibration Syringes

Calibration syringes by Vitalograph – 3 Litre, and 1 Litre.

Spirometry guidelines jointly published by the American Thoracic Society and the European Respiratory Society advocate the use of a 3-L precision syringe for daily accuracy checks.

Vitalograph has designed a NEW, extremely accurate, robust and lightweight 3-Litre precision syringe to give you the ultimate confidence in your spirometry measurements. Also available in a One Litre size.

Regular calibration is necessary for all spirometers. Vitalograph 1 and 3 Litre syringes offer accuracy and quality to maintain the integrity of your spirometry measurements.

Vitalograph precision syringes provide quick and easy accuracy checks with reliability and fast verification. Our precision syringes are available in 1-L and 3-L volumes and can be used with other manufacturers equipment. Adaptors may be required.

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