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SWANN-MORTON Cervical Biopsy Blades

SWANN-MORTON Cervical Biopsy Blades

CIN-01C:Swann Morton Sterile CERVICAL Cone Biopsy Angled STAINLESS Steel Scalpel Blade, Made in England with Best Grade British Surgical Steel. Use Major # 7L or 7S Handles, Box of 10.

The Swann-Morton sterile stainless steel Cervical Biopsy blade is used by surgical gynecologists to take a “cone” biopsy from the tissue in a woman’s cervix. This blade is also referred to as a gynecological blade.

Swann Morton Cervical Biopsy Scalpel Blades

Leading gynecologists can always rely on the consistent quality, precision and performance of the 01C cervical biopsy scalpel blades, scalpels and handles from Cincinnati Surgical and Swann Morton, which are known for being manufactured in Sheffield England from best quality surgical grade British steel.

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