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Spencer Hirvin Transfer Stretcher

Spencer Hirvin Transfer Stretcher

For excellence, quality, hard work and love for details are necessary. With this craftsmanship we are able to achieve the perfection that distinguishes our Hirvin injury transportation sheets. Scrupulous controls guarantee that every sheet responds to high standards of quality. In fact the Spencer logo is a worldwide symbol of high quality.

During the realisation of the Hirvin injury transportation sheets a lot of attention was given mainly to the ergonomic aspect, considering the actual structural dynamic conditions as during use by the operator.Invisible details that express it's robustness and manageability. The composition, weight and framework of the material: 550 D nylon double coated with poly-vinyl (SPEN-TEX).

The composition, weight and finishing of the tape: 50 mm nylon tape with breaking load under traction 600 kg [1322 lbs], finishing to which ehances softness. Types and configuration of the reinforcements: cross lock stitching that exploits the new electronic control system of the tension of the thread (active tension), the length of the point and the width of the crosses.

The safety stitching: doubled in correspondence to all joining stitch subject to traction; all carried out with nylon thread. The quality of the thread: the thread, as with the stitching system is very important because the stitching is made to last; a resistant, unbreakable nylon thread is used.