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Spencer Easy-Fold Emergency Stretcher 250

Spencer Easy-Fold Emergency Stretcher 250

If the ground supports are not used, the stretcher can be used for quick transfer of the patient, and above all when the patient has to be transferred onto a primary stretcher. Complete with two quick-release orange restraints.

The structural and functional characteristics of the 200/300 Series stretchers make them optimal for use as a secondary stretcher or in any situation where storage space is limited. The choice of a particularly resistant aluminium alloy, has allowed Spencer to reduce the weight but at the same time to preserve the excellent capacity characteristics; the use of stainless steel for the joints, the structural parts, the feet and the stirrups gives the product absolute resistance to atmospheric agents.

Not least, the superficial treatment of the aluminium carried out after the folding process, guarantees long duration. The shifting of the wheels and the feet towards the centre allows the stretcher to slide along narrow surfaces. The sheet modelled and reinforced by ultrasound soldering can be regulated and adapted. It is easily washed and if necessary easily replaced.

Weight: 5 kg

Load capacity: 170 kg