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Spencer Dakar Shell Basket Stretcher with Wheels Matress and Footrest Orange

Spencer Dakar Shell Basket Stretcher with Wheels Mattress and Footrest Orange

The Dakar introduces itself as the evolution of the original model while nevertheless being a true and real revolution. The projection of the style towards the future boasts a new image, which cleverly units rationality with functionality. To its dynamism we have added the style and technology necessary to face all kinds of operations, even the most intense and difficult ones.

The new Dakar epitomises the commitment of Spencer to the realisation of a stretcher of exceptional structural qualities enclosed in a compact and secure shell. A new stainless steel framework: a Spencer idea for uniting rationality and mobility in just one stretcher and to ensure to those who utilise it, both agility and security no matter what the terrain. The challenge is always the same; to develop a stretcher with dual personality.

A comfortable stretcher that maintains all the characteristics essential to the numerous methods of recovery. All of this, obviously, firmly anchored to Spencer technology. The adoption of 200 mm wheels and of ballbearings for both the rotation of the supports and of the wheel rotation, optimises the smoothness with minimum effort.

The elasticity of the polyurethane covering guarantees maximum comfort thanks to the high shock absorption capacity, every irregularity of the ground is softened and no vibrations or jolting are transmitted to the stretcher.

Length: 2240 mm

Height: 190 mm

Weight: 16.5 kg

Load capacity: 356 kg

Width: 640 mm

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