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Spencer 280 Stackable Emergency Stretcher

Spencer 280 Stackable Emergency Stretcher

An essential design that characterises the traditional functionality of stackable stretchers. Complete with two quick-release orange restraints. Reflective mark to increase nocturnal visibility.

Stackable stretchers. This range is necessary whenever a large amount of stretchers need to be stored in a reduced amount of space. The structure of the Stock Series stretchers is made with a resistant but light aluminium alloy. The supports perform the function of spacers with the stretcher placed on the floor and also of storage with the stretcher placed one on top of the other.

The tension of the sheet can be predetermined thanks to regulation with a rapid and precise system, achieved with poly-propylene straps. The sheet is made of 600 D nylon and is coated in vinyl. It is fire resistant and impermeable, making it easily sanitised. The superficial treatment of the aluminium guarantees long duration.

Less clutter means the storage of more stretchers, if necessary also with head support; this characteristic makes them ideal to equip mobile systems for maxi emergency situations and they are indispensable for emergency medicine.

Weight: 5 kg

Load capacity: 170 kg