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Spencer 205 Low Profile Stretcher with Wheels

Spencer 205 Low Profile Stretcher With Wheels

Characterised by two feet and two wheels that disappear into the space formed on from the closure of the two half-frames. The presence of the two wheels allows it to slide on the ambulance floor. Complete with two quick-release orange restraints.

The Slim Series has a robust but light structure, which is combined with rapid and precise mechanisms. The compactness of this series of stretchers is also determined by the lengthwise folding of the frame and by the disappearance of the feet and the wheels when stored. The mechanisms that allow the stirrups to rotate are made of stainless steel and are supported by self-lubricating washers. The sheet is made of 600 D nylon covered in vinyl and is fire-resistant.

They are stretchers which respond to the needs of high functionality during use and of reduced clutter with regards to storage. The compactness of these stretchers make them ideal as a subsidiary stretcher in air, water or land ambulances.

Weight:8 kg

Load capacity:170 kg

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