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Smith & Nephew Profore 4 Layer Bandage System Ankle Circumference 1 Kit

Smith & Nephew Profore 4 Layer Bandage System Ankle Circumference 1 Kit

Profore is a convenient presentation of the clinically effective 4 layer bandaging system for venous leg ulcer management. It reinforces a safe and consistent protocol to heal up to 79% of venous leg ulcers in 12 weeks.

Features and Benefits:

Effective Compression

Proven effective in both hospital and community treatment studies, Profore is designed to deliver 40mm Hg pressure at the ankle, decreasing to 17mm Hg at the knee.

Graduated Compression

Profore provides higher pressure at the ankle, with decreasing pressure exhibited at the calf.

Sustained Compression

Even a full week after application, Profore maintains effective levels of compression.


Profore pads bony prominences for protection and through the use of layers, compression is built up gradually.

Extended Weartime

Profore in combination with other Smith & Nephew dressings has sufficient absorption capacity to manage exudate for up to a full week without needing re-application.


Weekly dressing changes greatly reduce the nursing time required for the treatment of venous leg ulcers. Studies have shown that the multi-layer compression bandage system provides significant savings in treatment costs.


Profore system pack contains everything necessary for the application of effective graduated compression therapy. Profore reduces preparation time, simplifies stock control and ensures that the correct components are always available.

Contraindications and Precautions:

  • Do not use on patients with an ankle: brachial pressure index (ABPI) of less than 0.8, or on diabetic patients with advanced small vessel disease.
  • Should the patient develop pain or pale, cool or numb extremities distal to the dressing, the bandages should be promptly removed. It is important that the size and shape of the limb is assessed carefully and that the appropriate combination of Profore bandages is used - the system will not protect vulnerable areas from excessive pressure and patients with very thin legs or prominent tibial crests unless additional padding [ Profore No.1] is used.
  • Failure to detect significantly reduced arterial flow can result in pressure necrosis, amputation or even death.
  • This product has components that contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.
  • The risk of arterial as well as venous disease rises with age.

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