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Smith & Nephew Pico Single Use NPWT Dressing with Soft Port

Smith & Nephew Pico Single Use NPWT Dressing with Soft Port

Pico Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System (sNPWT) technology is completely portable and clinically effective in the treatment of surgical, chronic and acute wounds.

Features: Pioneering by design.

Stabilised healing process

Our unique AIRLOCK Technology layer distributes pressure evenly and consistently for up to 7 days, with optimal fluid management to help reduce the potential for maceration

Reduced damage and pain on removal

Gentle silicone adhesive helps protect the skin and may contribute towards improved scar formation whilst treating the underlying zone of injury. Helps to minimize pain on the peri wound area on dressing removal. Shown in-vitro to reduce the lateral tension across a closed surgical incision.

Enhanced patient safety

Softport allows Pico to be used on weight-bearing areas, and with compression therapy.

Bacterial protection

In vitro testing demonstrated that 99.9% of bacteria was locked away from the wound when absorbed into the AIRLOCK Technology layer.

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