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Smith & Nephew Opsite Visible Drain Dressing

Smith & Nephew Opsite Visible Drain Dressing

Opsite Visible Drain Dressing has a bacteria proof, shower proof film and a see-through absorbent foam pad, and is designed specifically for dressing drainage tubes and other percutaneous catheters


Unique design
The dressing is specifically designed to dress drainage sites. It is quick and easy to apply and provides a convenient and efficient solution for drain site management

Highly absorbent lattice foam pad
The lattice pad facilitates lateral spread of exudate which maximises absorbency without impairing visibility, allowing you to monitor the drain site and identify any infections or other complications without lifting or removing the dressing

High Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR)
The film has a unique molecular structure which gives a high MVTR. This allows unwanted moisture to transpire and helps to reduce the risk of infection

Shower proof film
The dressing can remain in situ whilst the patient showers and is also suitable for bedside bathing.

Bacterial barrier
Provides a barrier against bacteria, including MRSA, to help reduce the risk of infection


OPSITE Visible Drain Dressing is suitable for dressing drainage tubes and other percutaneous catheters such as: surgical drainage tubes, chest tubes, tracheostomy tubes and pigtail catheters; where levels of exudate leakage are low/moderate

Contraindications and Precautions:


Opsite Visible Drain Dressing should be used on drain and percutaneous catheter sites only. If a dressing is required for a surgical incision site, then a post-operative dressing such as Opsite Post-Op or Opsite Post-Op Visible should be used


  • Use only on dry skin prepared in accordance with normal procedures
  • Periodically monitor the clinical condition of the drain site and confirm secure attachment of the dressing and continued proper drainage, especially if the dressing and drain site becomes wet
  • If the dressing comes off, evaluate to ensure proper drain placement and then apply a new dressing

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