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Smith & Nephew Opsite Post-Op Visible Dressing with Absorbent Pad

Smith & Nephew Opsite Post-Op Visible Dressing with Absorbent Pad

Opsite Post-Op Visibleis a transparent film with a unique see-through absorbent pad. The highly breathable film is waterproof and bacteria-resistant, and the unique lattice structure foam pad enables regular wound assessment without the need to lift or remove the dressing.

Opsite Post-Op Visible is ideal for moderately exuding wounds including surgical wounds, lacerations and abrasions. The low allergy adhesive reduces the risk of irritation and keeps the dressing in place, even over awkward contours.


  • Absorbent lattice structured foam pad
  • Highly breathable waterproof outer film
  • Perforated low-adherent wound contact layer
  • Low allergy adhesive
  • Easy application flexible carrier
  • Range of sizes


Greater visibility, superior absorbency

Lattice foam structure

Allows you to monitor progress of the wound as often as you like without unnecessary dressing changes. This reduces disturbance to the wound bed, minimises the risk of infection and helps to provide a cost effective solution.

High Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR) 2

The film has a unique molecular structure and is highly breathable. This creates an optimum environment for healing by controlling moisture, absorbing wound discharge and preventing build up of fluid underneath the dressing.

Bacterial barrier

Provides a barrier against bacteria, including MRSA, to reduce the risk of infection

Waterproof film

Allows the patient to shower with dressing in situ without unnecessary dressing changes.

Highly absorbent lattice pad

Allows lateral spread across the lattice pad to maximise absorbency without impairing visibility. It reduces the risk of skin maceration, minimising the number of dressing changes for cost effective care. The low-adherent wound contact layer leaves the wound site clean and comfortable, reducing the pain and site trauma during dressing change.

Comfortable and Conformable

Opsite Post-Op Visible is highly conformable, even over the most awkward body contours. It does not restrict movement, ensuring optimum patient comfort.

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