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Smith & Nephew Intrasite Conformable Hydrogel Non-Woven Dressing

Smith & Nephew Intrasite Conformable Hydrogel Non-Woven Dressing

Intrasite Conformable is a conformable hydrogel dressing which combines the advantages of IntraSite Gel with a non-woven dressing to aid in the gentle packing of deep, open or undermined wounds. The non-woven substrate ensures the gel remains in close contact with the entire wound surface. It is suitable for use in necrotic, sloughy and granulating wounds, and helps create a moist wound environment to facilitate healing.


  • Contains IntraSite Gel
  • Non-woven dressing
  • Easy-peel pack


Debriding and Desloughing Action

IntraSite Conformable contains IntraSite Gel which has a gentle yet effective debriding and desloughing action. The gel rehydrates necrotic tissue and absorbs slough and wound exudate. Fluid handling properties reduce the frequency of dressing changes and increase cost effectiveness.

Moist-wound Healing

IntraSite Conformable helps to create and maintain a moist wound environment. The presence of IntraSite Gel helps to prevents adherence to the wound surface, allowing easy dressing changes without damaging fragile new granulation tissue. IntraSite Conformable is safe for use throughout the wound healing process.


The non-woven dressing is both soft and conformable - conforming easily to awkward wound shapes and keeping the gel where it is needed (in contact with the wound surface).

Convenient and ready to use

IntraSite Conformable is convenient and ready to use, offering an alternative delivery system for IntraSite Gel. The easy-peel pack is customer friendly and allows aseptic application.

Contraindications and Precautions:

  • Known sensitivity to IntraSite Conformable or any of its ingredients
  • IntraSite Conformable should be used with care in the vicinity of the eye
  • Avoid ingestion
  • Avoid use on cracked nipples

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