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Smith & Nephew Biobrane Biosynthetic Wound Dressing Glove

Smith & Nephew Biobrane Biosynthetic Wound Dressing Glove

Biobrane is a biocomposite dressing made from an ultra thin, semipermeable silicone membrane mechanically bonded to a flexible knitted trifilament nylon fabric. When used in conjunction with Versajetthe traditional window of use can be extended beyond 24 hours


  • A nontoxic mixture of highly purified peptides derived from porcine dermal collagen has been bonded to the nylon/silicone membrane to provide a highly flexible and conformable composite dressing with adherence properties and a hydrophilic, biocompatible surface.
  • Initial adherence results from the fibrin on the clean wound surface preferentially bonding to the collagen surface of the dressing.

Reduces water vapour loss

  • The silicone outer layer acts like a protective epidermal barrier and reduces the water loss from the wound which is essential to avoid wound desiccation

Reduces pain

  • The adherence reduces pain and allows patients an early free movement.
  • Allows some water vapour permeability which is beneficial in preventing excess fluid accumulation


  • Biobrane stretches to move with the patient

Key benefits to burn wound care:

  • Not more expensive when compared with inexpensive and commonly used standard dressings
  • Transparency permits direct wound inspection
  • Reduces length of hospital stay for patients with superficial partial thickness burnscompared with standard care


  • Superficial to mid-partial thickness burns (once debrided of non-viable tissue)
  • Excised burn wound with or without meshed autografts (need viable bed)
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