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Sentry ThreadX XRD Packing Gauze

Sentry ThreadX XRD Packing Gauze

Product Description:

ThreadX Packing Gauze is constructed from 100% cotton. Designed for open surgical procedures, an x-ray detectable thread is heat bonded to the gauze.

Suitable For:

  • Open surgical procedures
  • Deep wounds
  • Undermining and tunnels
  • Heavy exudate procedures

Product Features:

  • X-ray detectable thread
  • Absorbs fluid and protects organ and tissue injury
  • Helps control bleeding
  • Low linting 

Common Applications:
Sentry ThreadX XRD Packing Gauze is commonly used by medical professionals for packing wounds and providing support to the wound bed. It is also used in a variety of other medical applications, such as wound care, wound dressing, and wound closure.
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