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Riester Uni III Otoscope / May-Ophthalmoscope Set

Riester Uni III Otoscope / May-Ophthalmoscope Set, C Handle

  • Diagnostic set for the extensive examination of the ear canal and fundus
  • High quality metal instruments for ENT
  • Designed for everyday use
  • XL xenon or vacuum lamps for illumination
  • Impact-resistant metal enclosures
  • Wide range of power supply options
  • Includes the Uni® Otoscope Head, the Uni® May Ophthalmoscope Head, the Uni® Type "C" Battery Handle, and Reusable Ear Specula
  • Made in Germany

The Riester Uni® III Diagnostic Setcontains a full range high quality metal instruments with a wide range of power supply options. It offers a wide range of diagnostic possibilities without sacrificing comfort. The Otoscope is used to examine the external auditory canal and the eardrum, while the Ophthalmoscope is used to extensively check the fundus and screen for eye diseases and conditions of the retina, optic nerve, and blood vessels.

Designed for everyday use, each instrument in this set features impact resistant, metal enclosures. It offers illumination with XL xenon (3.200K) or vaccum lamps for clarity. Li-ion batteries are energy efficient, with about 3 hours of operational life when fully charged. Rheostat is added for regulation of light intensity. Plug-in connector allows for the instrument head to be easily attached. It also features a rechargeable handle and a handy battery handle for C-size alkaline batteries, for recharging on the go. The two-year warranty offers worry-free usage. Guaranteed durable, user-friendly, variable and in customary Riester quality.

The Uni® III Diagnostic Set includes the Uni® Otoscope Head, the Uni® May Ophthalmoscope Head, the Uni® Type "C" Battery Handle, and Reusable Ear Specula in sizes 2 mm, 3 mm, and 4 mm. It all comes in a silver colored plastic case with two snap closures. The set is made in Germany and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Uni® Otoscope

  • Uses a Vacuum or XL Xenon light for Direct Illumination
  • Features a removable magnifying lens
  • Lens has 4x magnification
  • Lens swivels to both sides
  • Removable cover glass where instruments can be inserted
  • Can be used for nasal examinations with 9 mm speculum
  • Sealed system for pneumatic otoscopy
  • Lamp is simple to change at the front of the instrument

Uni® May Ophthalmoscope

  • 2.7V Vacuum Bulb for Direct Illumination
  • Ophthalmoscope head is constructed of durable metal
  • Plug-in type connector for quick and secure attachment to the handle
  • Focusing wheel with corrective lenses
  • Aperture with a large circle for examination of the fundus of the eye
  • Bulb is simple to replace at the base of the head

Uni® Instrument Handle

  • Type "C" battery handle
  • Made of chrome-plated metal
  • Can hold two standard alkaline type "C" batteries or the Rechargeable Ri-accu® NiMH Battery
  • Can be charged in the Ri-charger® Charging Base if using rechargeable battery
  • It has the Rheostat® feature for controlling the strength of the light.
  • Batteries are simple to change at the base of the handle
  • Features a fluted surface for a secure grip and hygienic use
  • Plug-in type connector for easy and quick changing of the instrument head
  • Handle has a diameter of 28 mm

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