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Riester Tuning Fork

Riester Tuning Fork

You call the tune with Riester tuning forks!

Everyday precise diagnoses and quick decisions are needed anew in office practices and hospitals. This requires diagnostic instruments to meet the highest demands. Profit from a partner with more than half a century of experience who has proven to be completely reliable in any situation.

Riester offers a large range of the most high quality tuning forks and tuning fork sets for ear specialists and neurologists. Selected materials and first class finish ensure maximum functionality and reliability, which will last for a very long time.

  • Highest quality materials: nickel steel or aluminium.
  • Large selection of different frequencies: from 32 Hz to 4096 Hz.
  • Tuning forks with and without clamps.
  • Tuning forks with and without base for different requirements in everyday hospital and office practice.

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