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Riester Sphygmotensiophone, Two Tube Sphygmomanometer

Riester Sphygmotensiophone, Two Tube Sphygmomanometer, Velcro Cuff with Pull Through Strap

Extreme precision and refined functionality – our two-tube sphygmomanometer. The chromium-plated pressure gage housing fits firmly on the cuff, is constantly in the field of view and is neat and tidy. The high-quality cotton cuff finished in artificial leather is provided with a metal clip through which to pull the cuff. This ensures safe and accurate measurement at all times.

  • Precision air release valve with fine adjustment and wear-free
  • Microfilter protects air release valve and measuring system
  • Specially tempered copper-beryllium diaphragm almost non-aging
  • Diaphragm pressure-loading capacity up to 600g mmHg
  • Maximum error tolerance of +/- 3 mmHg
  • Easy to read scale Ø 49 mm from 0 to 300 mmHg
  • In padded and zippered nylon bag

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