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Riester Ri-Thermo N Multifunctional Infrared Thermometer with 25 Disposable Probe Covers

Riester Ri-Thermo N Multifunctional Infrared Thermometer with 25 Disposable Probe Covers

1805 Riester ri-thermo N Ear Thermometer

A multifunctional infra-red thermometer with CE0124 approval and clinical validation.

Ri-Thermo N is an infrared thermometer that is great for the home, hospital and medical practice for uncomplicated use. This innovative new thermometer can measure not only adult and children but also surfaces, rooms and bath water. It can give a reading in just seconds!

The temperature will be displayed on a large LCD screen with backlighting to make it easy to read even in the dark. It has a range of 0 to 100 degrees Celsius or 32 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermometer can store up to 12 temperatures. This allows for temperature curves to be plotted retrospectively, or different values compared so that patients can be watched carefully.

The Ri-Thermo N has a handy acoustic sound that signals when the temperature has read. It features an energy saving automatic switch off function. The thermometer comes with a storage case and probes to keep it clean and safe.

  • Three measurement functions: Apart from body temperature, exact and simple measurement of the temperature of liquids (e.g. baby bath-water or baby food) and air temperature
  • Precise 'in ear' measurement of body temperature
  • Measurement takes approx. 1-2 seconds
  • Digital display for optimum readability of measurement values
  • Dual temperature scales ºC and ºF
  • Memory function for 12 measurements
  • Disposable Probe Covers for hygiene
  • Supplied with 25 probe covers
  • Includes Two 1.5V alkaline AA batteries for approx. 1,500 measurements
  • Probe covers available in packs of 25, 100 or 1000

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