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Riester Ri-Standard Miller Set with C Handle & Blades 2, 3, 4

Riester Ri-Standard Miller Set with C Handle & Blades 2, 3, 4

  • High-Quality Miller Blades with Innovative Design
  • Durable Handle with Wear-Free Blade Fixture
  • Easy Battery Change
  • Reliable 2.7V Vacuum Illumination
  • Comes in Hard Case

Riester Ri-standard Direct Illuminated Laryngoscope Setdelivers a great quality and a truly cost-saving solution. It comes ready-for-use, packed in a durable hard case, perfect for storage and transportations needs, and with a set of superb quality blades.

Excellent Type-C Handle
The Type-C Battery Handle supplied with the Set is intended to ensure a completely trouble-free examination process. It features a highly durable construction made with the use of chromium plated metal and a wear-free, standard holding fixture for the blade that ensures a maintenance-free exploitation. An ergonomic design serves for the ease of handling and includes a fluted Handle surface for hygienic usage and a secure grip in the hand. This unit provides a simple way of battery change and features a solid metal contact for reliable activation of illumination.

Outstanding Miller Blades
Miller Blades supplied with the set are made of a high-grade metal and feature an innovative design for advanced performance. The Blades ensure an optimum visibility of the epiglottis and vocal chords that leads to greater precision and allows a simpler insertion of the endotracheal tube. In addition, the Blades feature an easy-to-clean surface and can be autoclaved at 134° C / 273° F for 5 minutes.

Reliable Illumination
The Ri-standard Laryngoscope is equipped with standard 2.7 V vacuum light source. Vacuum illumination has been well tested and widely used so it is recognized as a reliable light source, trusted for good illumination of the examination area.

Battery handle type C, non-rechargeable 7060 2.7 V

Battery handle type C, rechargeable + ri-accu® + ri-charger® 7061 2.7 V/230 V

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