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Riester Ri-Scope Retinoscope Spot Set

Riester Ri-Scope Retinoscope Spot, C Handle

The ri-scope skiascope measures the refractive power of the eye.

Refractive flaws, such as near-and far-sighted ness, as well as atigmatism can be detected and diagnosed.


  • With XL 3.5V xenon lamp or HL 2.5 V halogen lamp.
  • Two models are available:
    • The spot light retinoscope projects a circular light beam,
    • The slit-light retinoscope with a light beam in the form of a line, simplifies detection and diagnosis of astigmatic refractive flaws.
    • The reflex in the form of a line is moved vertically to the axis across the pupils of the patient with a slight oscillating movement.A shadow moves in the same or opposite direction.
      • Co-movement (plus lines): The patient is far-sighted.
      • Counter-movement ( minus lines): The patient is near-sighted.
  • Easy to operative with knurled thumb screw. The line and spot image can be focussed with the controls and turned 360, angle read-out displayed on the integrated scale.
  • Holder for handing and placement of the fixation card into position for dynamic retinoscopy.
  • Delivered with two fixation cards.
  • The patients eye can adjust optimally to the distance to the retinoscope.
  • Integrated eyeglass protection.Bayonet fitting for quick and secure attachment to the handle.
  • Dust-proof, very sturdy and light casing made of impact-resistant ABS plastic.
  • Bulbs can be quickly replaced at the base of the instrument head.

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