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Riester Ri-Scope Operation Otoscope Head XL 3.5V

Riester Ri-Scope Operation Otoscope Head XL 3.5V

Ri-scope® (Human/Veterinary) Operation Otoscope Headis a specialty head used with the Ri-former®. It has 3.5 V XL Xenon Illumination, with anti-theft optional. It has a swivelling lens with 2.5x magnification. The speculum holder is movable so it can be fixed in any position, and it has a bayonet fitting for secure and quick attachment to the handle.

The Operation Otoscope Head features an open design which allows for unhindered use during examinations and operations. It is constructed of metal and the speculum holder is made of impact-resistant and durable plastic. Bulbs can easily be replaced at the front of the device.

Operation otoscope

  • XL 3.5 V xenon lamp.
  • Swivelling lens with 2.5-fold magnification.
  • Adjustable speculum holder can be fixed in any position.
  • Open design for unhindered use during examination and operation.
  • Bayonet fitting for quick and secure attachment to the handle.
  • OP otoscope made of metal and speculum holder made of impact-resistant plastic for long service life.
  • Bulbs can be quickly replaced on the front of the otoscope.

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