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Riester Ri-Light Penlight Set

Riester Ri-Light Penlight Set

  • Includes Fortelux® N Silver Penlight, Laryngeal Mirror, Tongue Blade Holder, Red Open Filter, & 2 AAA Batteries
  • Comes in a sturdy Plastic Case
  • Great option for students
  • Made in Germany

Riester 5090 Ri-light® Penlight Set

The Ri-light® Set includes the Fortelux® N Silver Penlight, a Laryngeal Mirror, a Tongue Blade Holder, a Red Open Filter, and 2 AAA Batteries for the Penlight. It all comes in a sturdy Plastic Case. This Diagnostic Set is a great option for students.

Fortelux® N Penlight

  • Uses a 2.2V vacuum lamp
  • Has an aluminium casing with a lacquer finish that can be sterilized
  • Convenient metal clip
  • Penlight is turned on/off by touching metal clip
  • Uses 2 type AAA batteries (included)

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