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Riester Ri-Integral Macintosh F.O. Laryngoscope Set with C Handle + Ri-Accu L + Ri-Charger L

Riester Ri-Integral Set Macintosh with C Handle and Blades 2, 3, 4 + Ri-Accu L + Ri-Charger L

Exceptionally high light intensity thanks to XL illumination technology and the extra-strong fiber bundles of the F.O. blade.Macintosh blades with innovative blade design for optimum visibility of the epiglottis and vocal chords, simple insertion of the endotracheal tube.

In box:

  • Ri-integral Macintosh F.O.
  • Blades No. 2, 3 and 4. Blade design for simple intubation
  • Battery handle type C, rechargeable
  • Ri-accu® L,
  • Ri-charger® L

Particularly easy to clean, as there are no external conductors and openings to become contaminated.

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