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Riester Ri-Integral Macintosh Baby F.O. Laryngoscope Set with AA Handle + Ri-Accu L + Ri-Charger L

Riester Ri-Integral Macintosh BabyF.O. Laryngoscope Set with AA Handle, Blades No. 0, 1, 2 + Ri-Accu L + Ri-Charger L

Nearly unlimited lifetime with the highest luminosity: these advantages make the LED technology so unique. Moreover, the lamp inside the handle never gets hot, provides true color, even illumination of the area under examination and is practically guaranteed never to fail, in contrast to conventional halogen or xenon lamps.

In box:

  • Ri-integral Macintosh F.O. 3.5V/230V.
  • Blades No. 0,1,2.
  • Battery handle type AA, rechargeable
  • Ri-accu® L,
  • Ri-charger® L

Particularly easy to clean, as there are no external conductors and openings to become contaminated.

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