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Riester Uni Econom Otoscope Head

Riester Uni EconomOtoscope Head, Pin Contact

  • Removable magnifying lens with 4-fold magnification can be swivelled to both sides.
  • Removable cover glass for insertion of external instruments.
  • Suitable for nasal examinations when using the 9 mm speculum.
  • Plug-in connector for quick and secure attachment to handle.
  • Sealed system for performing pneumatic otoscopy.
  • Ageing-resistant chrome-plated metal head.
  • Simple exchange of lamp at the front of the instrument head.
  • Including ear specula with stainless steel fitting, 2, 3, and 4 mm.
  • Available with 2.7 V vacuum, XL 2.5 V xenon or XL 3.5 V xenon lamp, similar to daylight.

No. 10420 vacuum 2.7 V, No. 10419 XL 2.5 V, No. 10418 XL 3.5 V

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