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Riester Ri-Former Mobile Diagnostic Station with Mobile Stand & Big Ben Square

Riester Mobile Diagnostic Station, Ri-Former, 2 Handles 3.5 V / 230 V without Clock, Includes Specula Holder, Mobile Stand and Big Ben Square

Riester 3652-600

Diagnostic stations with sturdy mobile base, 2 handles , specula dispenser.

Available in 230 V power supply including a wide range of plugs.

  • 2 handles.
  • ri-spec® ear specula dispenser.
  • without clock.
  • mobile base made of fibreglass and chrome plated pole (height adjustable 105-130cm / 41.3-51.2 in), easy to move due to low friction castors, antistatic, 2 castors can be locked, diameter 54 cm / 21.3 in.

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