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Riester E-Scope Otoscope Direct Illumination / Ophthalmoscope Vacuum 2.7V in Pouch

Riester E-Scope Otoscope Direct Illumination / Ophthalmoscope Vacuum 2.7V in Pouch

Riester e-scope Otoscope Direct Illumination & Ophthalmoscope set 2.7V in Pouch

E-scope otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes are available in an impact-resistant case or in a space-saving bag. They include special inserts in which the instruments can be perfectly stowed and offer adequate space for the battery handle and ear speculums. E-scope otoscopes with Direct illumination vacuum direct illumination.


  • Sealing precision optics pivotable to both sides with triple magnification for optimum view
  • Sturdy ear speculum receptacle in hardwearing hygienic metal for E-scope/ri-scope® L1/L2 speculum
  • Compatible with ear specula from other renowned manufacturers
  • Suitable for performance of pneumatic tests (supplied without connector and insufflator
  • Available in a choice of black or white finish

E-scope otoscope with direct illumination:

  • Inexpensive basic model with low-reflection direct illumination with a 2.7 V vacuum bulb (2500 K) or halogen illumination (3000 K)

E-scope ophthalmoscopes:

E-scope ophthalmoscopes with vacuum bulb. With 2.7 V vacuum bulb for higher-contrast and more efficient diagnosis.


  • Dioptre disc with 18 corrective lenses (+/- 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20 dioptres)
  • Easy-to-use aperture wheel with six different apertures (fixation star, large circle, small circle, red-free filter, blue filter, semi circle)
  • High-performance optics with aspherical condenser lens
  • Spectacle protection
  • Parallel optical path
  • Dust-protected

Kelvin data for otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes:

Vacuum: 2500 K

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