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Riester C Handle Diam. 28 mm For Blades Ri-Standard & Ri-Dispo Non Rechargeable

Riester C Handle Diam. 28 mm for Blades Ri-Standard & Ri-Dispo Non Rechargeable

C Handle Diam. 28 MM for Blades Ri-Standard and Ri-Dispo Not Rechargeable

Riester laryngoscope handles type C for fibre optic, standard and disposable laryngoscopes are available with LED, xenon or vacuum light bulbs. Alkaline, rechargeable Li-ion or NiMH batteries are available options, rechargeable with Riester charging units.

  • For two batteries type C.
  • Handle diameter: 28 mm.
  • Closed battery cover prevents liquids penetrating inside the battery compartment.
  • Simple conversion to a charging handle by means of the open charging cover.
  • Without batteries.
  • Solid handles made of chromium plated metal.
  • Fluted handle surface for hygienic usage and a secure grip in the hand.
  • Practically wear-free, standard holding fixture for the blade.
  • Solid metal contact for reliable activation of illumination.
  • Simple change of batteries at the base of the handle.

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