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Qlicksmart Snapit Multi Use Ampoule Opener

Qlicksmart Snapit Multi Use Ampoule Opener

Qlicksmart Snapit Pocket Size

The Snapit Ampoule Opener is a simple safe and cost effective tool made from durable anodised aluminium designed to minimise injuries and waste caused through breakages of ampoules when opening.

Health Care Industries use milllions of ampoules annually and breakages, cuts and contamination of contents result in Occupational Health and Safety issues as well as resulting in wasted resources.


  • Ease of use - anyone can snap an ampoule without worrying about injuring themselves
  • Reduced Sharps Injuries - both hands are kept away from the ampoule neck where the glass breaks
  • The ampoule lid with the sharp edge is held inside the Snapit until ejected into the sharps bin
  • Compatible with a range of ampoule sizes - two sizes available Regular and Large to work with most common ampoules in the market
  • Reuseable and rewashable
  • No double handling
  • No stress on wrists when snapping off ampoule lid


Regular (SN-01R) Ampoule size 1-2ml, 5-10ml, 10-15ml common sizes. Available in Blue or Purple

Qlicksmart Snapit Ampoule Opener