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Medigleam Liquid Machine Detergent

Medi-gleam Liquid Machine Detergent

  • In-built scale inhibitor
  • Ideal for use in hard or soft water
  • Phosphate free
  • Concentrated formula

MEDI-GLEAM is a concentrated alkaline, non-foaming liquid compound intended for heavy-duty mechanical washing. It can be used in hospital washer/disinfectors, utensil and pan washers and is highly efficient in removing biological soils found in healthcare, clinics and laboratories.

It is designed to remove biological soils on medical instruments, anaesthetic equipment, stainless steel, plastics and glassware. Highly buffered alkali reserve, good wetting and excellent rinsibility all contribute to quick, sure, regular cleaning. MEDI-GLEAM contains a high level of sequestrant, which ensures excellent performance in hard water areas and reduces the possibility of scale formation within the machine.

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