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Med-Con Virkon Hospital Grade 500 Gram Shaker Packs

Med-Con Virkon Hospital Grade 500 Gram Shaker Packs

Virkon is a reliable hospital grade disinfectant which combines effectiveness, safety and ease of use with environmental compatibility. Ideal for maintaining a hygienic environment to reduce the transmission of pathogenic micro-organisms through contact with surfaces and equipment.

Virkon solution is non-toxic, non-sensitizing and biodegradable. No fumes are produced when mixing, free of aldehydes, phenols and quaternary ammonium compounds. Virkon has simple accurate dosing in the form of tablets and pre-weighted sachets. A unique formulation that combines cleaning and disinfection in one action.

Active solution is produced by dissolving tablets or powder in water. Virkon solution is effective under dirty conditions allowing one-step cleaning and disinfection through high tolerance of organic challenge.

Virkon is rapidly effective in killing micro-organisms in less than 10 minutes, even in the presence of organic matter.