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Med-Con Virkon Hospital Grade 5 kg Drum

Med-Con Virkon Hospital Grade 5 kg Drum

Product Code - 500602

Virkon is a unique formulation that combines cleaning and disinfection in one action, is effective under dirty conditions allowing one-step cleaning and disinfection through high tolerance of organic challenge. Virkon powder can be applied directly to body fluid spills, including urine, for rapid disinfection prior to disposal.

Virkon solution has a low toxicity, does not cause sensitisation and is biodegradable.

The broad spectrum formulation of RelyOnâ„¢ Virkon is unique. No other disinfectant has the same powerful composition or extensive portfolio of performance and safety testing data. It combines application flexibility with broad spectrum efficacy, on hard surfaces, at low temperatures and in the face of organic challenge. These qualities make RelyOnâ„¢ Virkon the disinfectant of choice for use in hospitals, clinics, pathology laboratories, dental surgeries and residential homes.

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