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Med-Con Surgical Face Mask with Loops (Australian Made)

Med-Con Surgical Face Mask with Loops

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Box 50

Automated process of manufacturing ensures minimum bio-burden contamination. No wastage as total product is consistent, and guaranteed batch-to-batch regularity. Material selection combined with Ultrasonic Sealing provides long time comfort and performance for the user. Standard of manufacture ensures the highest level of quality and service for our customers.

  • Covered PVC Nose wire – Loops. Latex Free.

Surgical Face Masks toAS 4381:2002:3-layer mask with ultra-soft non-reactive inner layer to maximize facial comfort. Bacterial protection for the wearer as well as the protection of the patient. Particulate protection in industrial applications. Med-Con masks test at a PFE of 99.1% with a particle size of 0.1um.Delta pressure of less than 1.5 units optimises users’ breathability.

Proudly made in Australia. ARTG No. 109872