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Laerdal LSR Silicon Resuscitator

Laerdal Silicon Resuscitator LSR Basic

The Laerdal Silicone Resuscitator consists of 5 main parts. A see through silicone mask, with a multi-function mask cover enables the user to see lip color, secretion, vomit and fogging caused by exhalations during ventilation.

The one-way patient valve allows air to flow to the patient, without air from the patient reentering the ventilation bag. The swivel connector allows for more flexibility and enables the provider to ventilate in various positions.

The see-through silicone Ventilation Bag provides excellent re-expansion, while giving the user a strong feel for lung compliance to reduce the risk of over-inflation.

The integrated intake and reservoir valve can be connected to an external oxygen supply when needed. The oxygen can then be stored in the oxygen reservoir bag connected to the valve.

The Laerdal Silicone Resuscitator comes in the following sizes:

  • Adult size for patients over 20 kgs
  • Pediatric size for patients between 2,5 and 20 kgs
  • Preterm size for patients that weigh less than 2,5 kgs.

The Pediatric and Preterm LSRs also include a ”Pop Off” valve to prevent airway pressures from exceeding 35 cm H2O, and keep lungs from over inflating. When higher pressure is necessary the pressure relief valve can be closed by pushing down the valve stem, or using a lock clip.

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