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Lorna Towel Clamp 13cm PI-30.14

Lorna Towel Clamp 13cm PI-30.14

Lorna (Edna) Towel Clamps are a non-perforating clamp used to secure instruments, and surgical materials such as tubing and towels to the drape surrounding a surgical site. The jaws and tips are curved while the shanks and handle are flat so they can rest on the patient. The teeth on the tips of this towel clamp are blunted so they grip tightly but do not penetrate the surgical drape. They also have ratcheted finger ring handles so a firm hold can be secured.

All instruments made by Professional Hospital Furnishers (PHF) are guaranteed for their entire life-time. We recommend that the instruments are used, handled, cared for and preserved according to the standard instrument cleaning and handling procedure.

All instruments manufactured by PHF are manufactured according to Quality Management System which conforms to ISO 9002/EN46002, USA FDA cGMP and European Medical Device Directive #93/42 EEC for CE Marking.