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Laerdal Speedblocks Head Immobilizer Starter Pack

Laerdal SpeedBlocks Head Immobilizer

Introducing the SpeedBlocks Head Immobilizer. Designed for durability and performance, but priced for disposability, SpeedBlocks really gives you the best of both worlds. SpeedBlocks offer a simple, four-step process for application, a unique, multi-axis blocks system to accommodate all head shapes and injury positions and direct access to patient's ears for better communication and inspection. The low-cost blocks with disposable foam pads and head straps are so effective that the inconvenience of taping the patient can be eliminated.

  • Disposable head straps and block pads allow for easy and low cost replacement
  • Reliable handle-locking mechanism with quick-release locks ensures confident application
  • Blocks provide contoured fit for patients aged 2 and up
  • Universal base and blocks with replaceable foam pads for easy, worry-free cleaning
  • Blocks slide for easy multi-axis adjustment
  • Blocks weigh only 150 gram each
  • Radiolucent, MRI, and CT scan compatible
  • Latex-free

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