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Karma Ergo Lite KM-2501 Manual Wheelchair 18"

Karma Ergo Lite KM-2501 Manual Wheelchair

The Ergo Lite is the lightest wheelchair in Karma's product range.

The wheelchair equips Karma's patented S-Ergo seating system which promotes pressure relief and helps prevent the user from slipping off the seat. The Ergo Lite has a double cross braces for strength, durability and quality you would expect from karma.

S-Ergo System: The revolutionary S-Ergo system is the world's first S-shaped ergonomic seating developed based on the ergonomic perspective: it is designed according to the body curve, and has already obtained patents in the US, European Union, and many other countries. The unique design of S-Ergo system is capable of relieving pressure, adjusting and stabilizing seating pose, and reducing downward sliding, all simultaneously. Together, these advantages greatly reduce the risk of decubitus ulcers, which makes S-Ergo system a revolutionary invention in the field of ergonomics.


  • S-Ergo system provides pressure relief, stabilization and slipping - free.
  • Almost the lightest one in the ultra-light wheelchair market : 7.8kg.
  • Aegis microbe shield permanently bonded antimicrobial barrier Foldable backrest for easy transportation
  • Foldable frame via double cross braces
  • Comfortable & durable upholstery


16" x 16" 18" x 16"
Sizes 16" 18"
Front Wheels 6" 6"
Rear Wheels 14" 14"
Seat Width 40.5 cm 45.5 cm
Seat Length 42 cm 42 cm
Width 57 cm 62 cm
Width (folded) 27.5 cm 27.5 cm
Arm Rest - Height 21 cm 21.5 cm
Length 94 cm 94 cm
Seat Height 48 cm 48 cm
Back Rest Height 42 cm 42 cm
Height 91 cm 91 cm
Weight 8.3 kg 8.3 kg
Maximum User Weight 100 kg 100 kg

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