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JOBST Elavrex 3 Open Toe

JOBST Elavrex 3 AD-Long Open Toe

JOBST Elvarex Soft: Living with oedema the skin-friendly way. The unique, knitted fabric of JOBST Elvarex Soft consists to a large extent of a particularly soft textured yarn. This specialized yarn combines skin-protected softness and excellent breathability.

JOBST Elvarex Soft is therefore particularly well-suited for patients who suffer from dry, sensitive or fragile skin. The knitted construction, designed especially to maximize the softness of the textured yarn, creates an extremely smooth fabric surface. This compression stocking combines easing donning with proven medical efficacy. As well as the softness, JOBST Elvarex Soft offers optimum efficacy in the treatment of mild to moderate oedema, as it combines the right compression with the correct level of fabric softness. JOBST Elvarex Soft is both extremely comfortable and convenient to wear.

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