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ICS Vaccine Fridge Digital Thermometer - VTF-28

ICS Vaccine Fridge Digital Thermometer - VTF-28


  • The only digital thermometer designed and manufactured specifically for Australian and New Zealand Vaccine fridges
  • Automatic alarm signal strictly at 2°C and 8°C with one press deactivation
  • Two sensors included: One to measure the fridge air temperature and one to measure the vaccine temperature
  • The same ingenuity applied to the ICS PACIFIC Pharma vaccine fridge range… easy and simple to work with and ultra-reliable
  • Minimal setup. Simply place one sensor inside the fridge and press the front on/off button
  • Min/max temperature remains on display until reset
  • One push button
  • Fold out stand or hook-hang
  • 2 x AAA batteries included (easy to change in 12 months)