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Hadeco Smartdop 45 Bi-Directional Doppler LCD 8MHz Printer

Hadeco Bi-Directional Doppler with LCD and Printer

Supplier Product Code : SMADOP45W8

Provides bi-directional velocity waveforms and numerical data - Includes 8Mhz Vascular probe

Doppler Features

  • Hand-held doppler design
  • Advanced LCD and speaker
  • Integrated printer for instant doppler data output
  • Displays real-time waveform or numerical data
  • Fully automatic gain control and baseline adjustment
  • Unique scroll button for easy operation
  • 30 waveform memory
  • Wide probe selection - suits 2, 4, 5, 8 and 10MHz Probes
  • Convenient probe activation button for power on/off
  • Can connect to optional Smart-V-Link Software for data download and analysis
  • Includes carry case, battery, conducting gel and headphones

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