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Hadeco Smart-V-Link Software Version 2

Hadeco Smart-V-Link Software

Works withthe following doppler -

  • Hadeco ES-100-V3
  • Hadeco Smartdop 30
  • Hadeco Smartdop 45

Easily oonnect your hadeco doppler to your PC via RS232 cable to obtain a print out to satisfy Medicare rebate requirements.

The software is compatible with Windows operating systems only.

  • Once connected the operations of doppler are remote controlled by computer.
  • The software shows real-time vascular waveform display
  • Data storage for future reference
  • Data can be stored in the internal hard disk drive as well as any storage devices on network computers.
  • Standardized testing modules for easy operation and documentation
  • ABI, TBI and arterial blood flow velocity
  • PPG toe pressure & venous reflux
  • PV arterial
  • Venous compression
  • Lower and upper extremities
  • Individual test

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