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Ferno E-Mask Resuscitation Mask in Hard Red Case

Ferno E-Mask Resuscitation Mask in Hard Red Case

Product Code : RMS-EM

Please note the images show the mask with one way filter. This advertisement does not include the one way filter.

The one-way valve and directional diaphragm on the Ferno E-Mask allows no backflow of air or contaminants (fluids) to pass from the patient to rescuer/rescuer to patient and provides superior protection against viruses and bacteria.

The Ferno E-Mask comes with an O² port, head-strap and hard shell case. Fittings are a standard 22 mm and can be used with any Ferno resuscitator. The Ferno E-Mask fits both adult and child patients. Once used, the mask can be sterilised and a replacement one-way valve/filter can be fitted.

RMF-EM (mask)
RMF-EMOWV (one-way valve / filter) to be ordered separately # FER01444

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