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Elma Ultrasonic Cleaner S60 - 300x151x150

Elma Ultrasonic Cleaner S60 - 300x151x150

Elma S-60 Backbencher Ultrasonic Cleaner

Made in Germany, the new Elmasonic S range is the pinnacle in benchtop ultrasonics.

The Elmasonic S ultrasonic units offer practically every available technical future. After more than 50 years, cleaning by ultrasound in all its complexity has now obtained a new meaning. The new Elmasonic S units support the ultrasonic cleaning effect at an optimum. The materials used and the reliable technology prolong the service life of the units. The new design combines more functionality with modern looks. The basis of nearly perfect cleaning processes with ultrasound is the Elma high-performance transducer system with 37 kHz. The sweep function, developed in the Elma laboratories, guarantees a homogeneous sound field distribution by way of continuous shifting of the sound field maxima. The degas function available on the new units accelerates very efficiently the degassing process in the cleaning liquid, particularly in freshly mixed baths. When used in tough permanent operation you will find that the new units with their functional design fully meet the demands of any cleaning task.

  • Powerful, efficient cleaning wih SWEEP ZONE technology. This optimizes the distribution of sound waves, eliminating "dead spots" within the tank. The cleaning result will be the same every time.
  • User friendly digital controls. LED lights show both the set and remaining cleaning time.
  • A splash-proof control panel and stainless steel outer jacket.
  • 3 Year guarantee. Elma Germany is synonymous with reliability.
  • Degas function for newly mixed cleaning chemicals. Degas removes the bubbles that prevent the ultrasonic process.


  • External - 365mmL x 186mmW x 264mmH
  • Tank - 300mmL x 151mmW x 150mmH
  • Basket - 255mmL x 115mmW x 75mmH
  • Capacity - 5.75 Litres

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