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Doyen Baby Intestinal Forceps

Doyen Baby Intestinal Forceps

Product Description:
Doyen Baby Intestinal Forceps are a high-quality surgical instrument designed for use in pediatric surgery. The forceps feature a curved, serrated tip and a long, slender handle for precise control. The forceps are made of stainless steel and are autoclavable for easy sterilization.
Technician Specifications:

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Long, slender handle
  • Autoclavable

Common Applications:
Doyen Baby Intestinal Forceps are commonly used in pediatric surgery for grasping and manipulating tissue.
User Groups:
Doyen Baby Intestinal Forceps are used by surgeons, nurses, and other medical professionals in pediatric surgery.
Supplier Professional Hospital Furnishings:
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